Template Design

OK, so you want to save some money on building your website so you’ve given
some thought to template design, want to know more?

If what you’re looking to do is have an internet business card a template design can be very useful.

While it has virtually no chance of ever being found in an online search, it can get you on the net cheaply and easily and in most cases, you can set up a template design yourself in a matter of a couple of hours. If you have a very small business that relies almost exclusively on word of mouth or one-to-one meetings to generate new business and the internet just doesn’t interest you as a client capture medium, a template design makes a lot of sense.


Now, for the other 99.99% of you out there…

Obviously you want to use your marketing dollars to differentiate yourself from your competition. You want to show your polish, your panache, your flair for your work. You want to showcase where your firm is special, what your market niche is, what makes you different from your competitors. It’s impossible to do this using a template design. A template design by it’s very nature gives you the same look and feel as the very competition you are trying to gain separation from. It’s like buying the same car, the same office building type, the same logo layout and using the same layout for your printed marketing materials. How can you possibly hope to differentiate yourself?