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Masterdigm Real Estate CRM


A Customer Relationship Management System for Real Estate Professionals

Not all customer relationship management (CRM) systems are created with a specific industry in mind.  That’s why real estate professionals choose Masterdigm Real Estate CRM as their customer relationship management system.  Masterdigm CRM for Real Estate was developed by real estate professionals who understand the needs of real estate agents. It is web-based so it can be accessed from anywhere – from the office or on the road with a laptop and Wi-Fi connection.


What makes Masterdigm Real Estate CRM different?

The real estate industry is a “high-touch” business which requires agents to demonstrate their ability to respond quickly and appropriately.  Real estate customers do not want to waste their precious time on agents who are not responsive or satisfy their immediate needs.  At the same time, a real estate agent’s time is also valuable and cannot afford to work every unqualified lead.  The Masterdigm Real Estate CRM system has been designed to help real estate agents be more efficient and effecting in order to fully satisfy all of their customer’s needs.


we succeed if you succeedThe first key feature of the Masterdigm Real Estate CRM system is that it is a web-based software application that was designed to be integrated with one or more websites.  That’s right!  In fact, Masterdigm Real Estate CRM can accept contact information from one or more forms on a particular website or from a product-focused landing page, all automatically – no manual input required.  Besides collecting the typical customer contact information, web forms can be set up to help qualify and organize each lead.  For example, a web form can be easily coded to indicate the source of a lead, the type of lead, as well as any user defined fields.


Once the lead comes into the Masterdigm CRM system, it can be assigned a specific status that reflects your business process.  Leads can be automatically assigned to agents or put into an assignment queue.  In addition, email auto-responder messages and marketing campaigns can be immediately sent to the lead.  Agents are automatically notified that a lead has come into the CRM system so that they can respond as quickly as possible to increase their chances of converting that lead to a client.


Property SearchContact Information Collection and Lead Assignment Is Not Enough

Constant follow-up is mandatory to the success of the real estate professional.  Masterdigm CRM for Real Estate helps real estate agents manage their leads from conversion to closure and beyond.  Real estate offices or agents can set up a specific lead and client workflow that enables agents to keep track of the status of each one.  As each status is assigned to a lead or client, a set of pre-defined activities, tasks, email messages, and marketing campaigns can be initiated.  At the same time client conversations and client needs can be documented using the call log set up for each lead.  To make sure that each client is completely satisfied, agents can create a unique project plan for that client or select from a set of pre-defined real estate project plans and then send informative follow-up reports as each step of the project is completed.


Masterdigm Real Estate CRM can be easily connected to your IDX, MLS, RETS, or iHomefinder accounts with the capability of sending one or more property descriptions to one client or a set of clients as soon as the properties are listed.


Calendar CRMA Web-based CRM System that is Configurable, Feature-Rich, and Easy to Use

The Masterdigm Real Estate CRM system is easy to use.  Because it is web-based, there is nothing to install on your computer.  The system can be accessed anywhere you have a computer and an Internet connection.  The user interface is menu and form driven allowing you to enter and access information quickly.  The business workflow is configurable so that you are not locked into a predefined system.  In addition Masterdigm Real Estate CRM system is an enterprise-wide system allowing you to set up a number of users with specific roles, responsibilities, and access rights.  For example, a real estate company may have a set of supervisors, agents, and assistants that either work together or separately and data access needs to be restricted.  In addition, leads can be shared between agents.  Masterdigm can also help real estate professionals to manage a set of real estate franchises or multiple offices and oversee the performance of each agent at each office.


Several Business Applications Combined in One System

The Masterdigm Real Estate CRM system contains several application modules to help you manage your leads and run your business: Multiple Website Content Management, Customer Relationship Management, Business Process Management, Contact Management, Document Management, Project Management, Property Management, Franchise Management, and User Account Management.


Masterdigm Real Estate CRM is Customizable

As your business grows so can Masterdigm Real Estate CRM because it has been designed up front to be modular and customizable.  If your needs change and you want additional features and functionality, we can develop Masterdigm solution to keep you on top of the real estate industry.  Integration with most third-party applications or feature-specific modifications can be done using our custom programming services.

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