About Us

Will2Design is a privately owned and operated business which began with the inception of its first product line, Masterdigm, in 2004. Its President, William Jimenez, discerned a need for a world-class Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) tool in order to survive emerging technologies of the 21st century business environment. Coming from a background where he was surrounded in high-paced technology sales, he was not satisfied with the products available to keep businesses in front of their customers. The run of the mill follow up systems were not enough and did not offer the consistency that many clients were demanding.

Hand selecting from the brightest and best in the business, Mr. Jimenez brought his vision for a rich CRM that could automatically track shared leads and touch customers, 24/7, to fruition. This led to the building of front-end websites for his clients who needed top tier branding and internet recognition. Soon Will2Design built up a team of the finest experts to create, integrate, implement and analyze a host of web solutions for clients from all around the world. This professional website design company offers a full suite of services including database driven websites, eCommerce website design and Social Networking, along with Search Engine Optimization, PPC Management, Analytics performance and Client consultation services.

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Our Executive Team

William Jimenez
President, CEO  & Founder
Will2Design / Masterdigm / Flaney

Mr. Jimenez has utilized his keen sense of design and passion for creative development over the past 20 years in a variety of projects. Sixteen of these years were spent while perfecting technology design for the semiconductor giant, Rockwell Semiconductor. As one of the company’s top engineers, Mr. Jimenez was a key contributor to the company’s success. He left Rockwell in 2003 and used his competencies in computer and information technologies to establish his own highly automated financial lending organization, Lending Quest Financial. With the success of the systems that he engineered and implemented at Lending Quest, Mr. Jimenez proceeded to grow the sales of the company by developing and utilizing his own proprietary Customer Relationship Management (CRM) web-based application, Masterdigm© CRM.

Taking it a step further, Mr. Jimenez wanted not only to provide his customers with a comprehensive CRM database program, but he wanted to raise his customer’s sales and service levels as well. So, in 2006, he founded Will2Design, a full service web development & SEO company that provides sales generation and brand awareness through professional website design, and integrates it to the Masterdigm database management program for increased client marketing, productivity and revenues.

His commitment to excellence, in both his employees and his company’s services, is unparalleled and continuous. Mr. Jimenez has the vision that breathes life into the company culture.


Our Design Team

Dennis A.
Chief Architect
Will2Design / Masterdigm / Flaney

Web Programming and Application Development, PHP/MySQL Expert

Dennis tauts a robust resume as he is certified in the most demanding of programming degrees. He is a Zend Certified PHP Engineer, Sun Java Certified Programmer and Master HTML Developer (Brainbench). He has a wide array of programming skills including: PHP, MySQL, Perl, C++, C, Java, and Javascript. Dennis is the architectural genius behind Masterdigm© CRM and continuously strives to hide complex functionality so the end user experiences absolute ease of use.

Jolo P.
Design Team Lead
Graphic Artist / Web Design Engineer

Jolo offers the innate visionary ability to quickly assimilate the scope of a project and target the conceptual design that will intrigue and entice the end user to stay engaged on a website. He manages a variety of product and service site projects and is a valuable asset to the programming team. His expertise is in graphic design, CMS implementation, (x)html and CSS.

Bernard A.
Quality Assurance Team Lead
Graphic Artist / Web Design Engineer
Will2Design / Masterdigm

XHTML/CSS Genius, Browser/Standards Compliance Wiz, Quality Assurance Lead, Web Design Engineer

Bernard builds sites like the Swiss build watches. He is a strategic designer who carefully handcrafts the layout of every site using XHTML/CSS and W3C XHTML Strict Standards. He is passionate about finding the absolute best way to translate our customer’s needs into a visual masterpiece. He is our Quality Assurance Team Leader who ensures the correct standards in page elements are used while maintaining the integrity of design quality.

Airon G.
Web Development Team Lead
Web Developer

Airon has a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from De La Salle University. His expertise over the past several years has been in web development using open source technologies leveraging PHP and MySQL. His previous experience in CSS, Javascript, (x)html and a wide variety of frameworks makes him a versatile and flexible member of the team.

Shawn S.
Flash Web Design Team Lead
Graphic Artist / Flash Artist

Shawn is an incredible artist and technician capable of developing stunning Flash designs and graphic designs. He holds a B.S. in Computer Science from AMA Computer College and has over 6 years of experience in Custom Web Design (pure XHTML/CSS layouts or Full Flash layouts), XHTML/CSS conversion (WC3 Compliant), Flash Animation and Video Integration, Actionscripting, Content Management System (CMS) customization, Web 2.0 Development, Social Networking Development, Javascript, Dreamweaver, After Effects, Illustrator and Swift3D.